Classes and Workshops

Cory is an energetic teacher with a passion for nonviolent communication (NVC) and the potential it has for changing our culture.

Her very presence speaks of nonviolence. She kept us engaged during the day-long workshop with her ability to use various formats, involve us and adapt to the responses of the participants. The skills she taught to help us clarify feelings and identify underlying needs will serve us well in any situation.

— Jan Cebula, OSF, President of the Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa

More than anything, Cory's training sparked deep introspection within the individuals of our group, and within myself as I examine how I model appropriate behavior as a coordinator and facilitator. I highly recommend Cory's NVC training!

Our group of thirteen volunteers attended a 2.5 hour nonviolent communication (NVC) workshop with Cory. The volunteers came from a variety of backgrounds, some had heard of NVC and been to brief NVC trainings, while others had never before heard the term. Cory introduced each concept of NVC with clarity and intention, and answered questions in an engaging, thoughtful way. What most impressed me was her ability to honor each person in the group, holding space for differing experiences and sharing styles. I valued her participatory approach, along with her focus on building a circle of trust and mindfulness within the group, even in a short period of time. The NVC concepts she shared with us have carried into our volunteer's first months serving at their placement organizations and building community with each other at home. After the workshop, our volunteers created "empathy buddies" with whom they enter into one-on-one sharing about conflicts in and outside of the program, practicing using "I" statements, differing judgments from observations, voicing needs and making requests. I have already seen their awareness grow, and their approaches to conflict transform into ones with more patience, honesty, and compassion.

— Mallory Daily, Loretto Volunteers Program Coordinator

We were thrilled to have Cory back to speak to our students about compassion for the third year in a row.

Cory doesn't just speak with our students about compassion, she has interactive activities she does with the students to truly teach them about themselves and the spirit of compassion they can embrace and share with others every day.  We are excited to have Cory back in our classes in November to follow up on what they learned about compassion earlier this year.

— Jennifer Shanks, Mercy Academy, Louisville, KY

Cory has a remarkable ability to open up space for people to express their thoughts in a group setting.

She clearly explains group dynamic expectations of respect, consideration and openness in all discussions. I highly recommend opportunities with Cory that encourage your own internal exploration and growth.

— J.P., Louisville, KY

Cory’s experience with NVC is valuable because she uses NVC during the classes to ask questions and redirect back to NVC in an encouraging way.

Practicing NVC has helped be become a better listener and has provided the tools I need to gain understanding so that I can respond with compassion.

— T.H., Louisville, KY


Heart Portraits

It was so empowering to receive Cory’s validation both in tangible form and over the phone in a session...

Heart of Loraine.jpg

I have worked with sensitive and gifted healers and psychics in different capacities for the past 10 + years and I experience regular doses of magic and mystery in my private practice. The point being: it takes a lot to impress me these days. Cory floored me with her heart drawing and reading. It was so empowering to receive Cory’s validation both in tangible form and over the phone in a session. Hers is the kinds of gift that is very rare and doesn’t easily come by. Embrace the opportunity with open arms should you get the chance.

— Loraine Van Tuyl, The Sacred Healing Well, San Francisco Bay, CA

The experience of having my intuitive heart portrait drawn and interpreted by Cory was incredibly affirming and powerful...

Heart of Emily crop.jpg

She touched on things very deep within me - the deepest influences of my greatest joys and greatest pains - my connection to the earth and to spirit, my ability to be grounded and open my heart, my rich, beautiful relationships -  and my tendency to open too much, allowing myself to be unnecessarily affected by negative energies too easily.  She was able to depict and interpret symptoms of a debilitating anxiety disorder that I’ve dealt with on and off for the past 10 years.  This was what impressed me the most, as it’s something I very rarely talk about with anyone.  She has a very beautiful, rare, special, incredible gift!

Emily Smith, Louisville, KY

Joy and cause for reflection

Heart of Judy.jpg

My Heart Portrait brought joy and cause for reflection. For someone I have not met to give me insight into the gifts and trials in my life spot on! The spirit works in wonderful ways. It reminded me of the gifts I have received as well as a sense of support and love. Life is love. Nature heals.

Heart filled thanks,

Judy Osbourne

I found this experience to be deeply meaningful and connective and I’m so grateful to Cory for her wisdom and love.

Heart of Lori.jpg

I have had the wondrous gift of coming to know Cory over this last year. Her offering of Heart Portraits reflects the loving heart-centered place that Cory approaches life from.

My personal heart portrait which Cory drew for me has brought some profound insights. What I saw in the drawing before I received Cory’s interpretations already sparked some understanding of the place from where I have moved forward into the world. This, combined with Cory’s insights provided a much deeper and richer look into what I’ve created in my life and what may be important for me going forward.

Because Cory is so respectful with her sharing, I was left feeling empowered, curious, and open to the possibilities of what I can take into my life now. 

— Lori Goldblatt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada




Being with Cory during Reiki is experiencing true presence,which is rare these days.

Cory’s intuition is truly a gift. And she shares her intuition without judgement or interpretation, allowing me to connect it to my own experience of the energy movement - and wow, what connections!

— Anice Chenault, Louisville, KY

Cory arrives to you with a calming and gentle presence, I believe in her work.

For my first session of Reiki with Cory, she focused on my sprained wrist. I closed my eyes and she moved from my shoulders to my wrist. I could feel her hands hovering over me, at one point it felt as though something was being pulled out of my wrist and that my wrist was opening up. A week later during my second session, as soon as Cory put her hands on my wrist, my forearm to my fingertips started to tingle. I left the session perplexed by how much I felt, the sensation of tingling, the release of tension and the opening up of my wrist.

— Marian D'Cruz, Toronto, Ontario, Canada