Reiki is a type of gentle energy work for stress reduction and relaxation that also aids in healing. It is a hands-on or hands-near technique. A Reiki session is deeply relaxing and can alleviate stress, decrease physical aches and pains, as well as help release emotional and spiritual pain. Reiki is not a replacement for medical care.

A Reiki session with me includes the physical work, as well as my sharing any words, images, or sensations that come through me for you during the session. These words, images, and sensations may provide insights into the source(s) of discomfort. 

Because I believe these healing techniques should be available to anyone who could benefit from them, I offer this service on a pay-as-you're-able or exchange basis.  I invite you to schedule mindfully and consider carefully what you are able to pay or offer in exchange. 



Typically, people offer between $10 and $40 or goods or services in exchange for a 30-minute session. 


Typically, people offer between $20 and $85 or goods or services in exchange for a 60-minute session. 

Whatever can be offered will be received gratefully. 


Being with Cory during Reiki is experiencing true presence,which is rare these days.

“Cory’s intuition is truly a gift. And she shares her intuition without judgement or interpretation, allowing me to connect it to my own experience of the energy movement - and wow, what connections!”

— Anice Chenault, Louisville, KY


Cory arrives to you with a calming and gentle presence, I believe in her work.

"For my first session of Reiki with Cory, she focused on my sprained wrist. I closed my eyes and she moved from my shoulders to my wrist. I could feel her hands hovering over me, at one point it felt as though something was being pulled out of my wrist and that my wrist was opening up. A week later during my second session, as soon as Cory put her hands on my wrist, my forearm to my fingertips started to tingle. I left the session perplexed by how much I felt, the sensation of tingling, the release of tension and the opening up of my wrist."

— Marian D'Cruz, Toronto, Ontario, Canada