(Not) Political

Someone asked me recently if I am worried about being “political” in my blog. She noted that the last post I wrote might be seen as such. She said that “being political” might turn away some potential clients (and attract others).

My goal in writing is neither to be political nor not be political. My goal in writing is neither to attract nor deter clients.

My writing goal is to be authentic. My goal is to live in the most integrated way I can, where my work and my life reflect my values. I hope that my writing reflects who I am, my particular experience of broken wholeness responding to the broken wholeness of other people and our world.

That means that I write about the people and things I value, the situations in my personal life, community, city, state, country, our world that fill me with joy and hope…or sadness and despair.

I’d imagine some people will interpret some of my words as “political” and write me off. Others may interpret some of my words as “too soft” on the “bad people," “not political enough,” and write me off.

I’m ok with that.

I can’t control what others think of me so not accepting that would only drain away energy I could be using for more life-giving options.

angel heart.jpg

My work- teaching Compassionate Communication, practicing Reiki, creating heart portraits and other art- is healing work; it is a life-giving option, for myself as well as those I work with. I share my work with anyone, whether our views align or not, because I believe that healing is healing, that we all need it in some form or another, and that it’s not up to me to decide who “deserves” healing and who doesn’t.

I want all people to be well. I don’t mean well in a superficial way. I mean well at a soul level. Well physically. Well mentally. Well emotionally. Well spiritually.

This includes both harm-makers and harm-takers, because let’s be honest, who of us isn’t both simultaneously, whether intentionally or not?

Because I want all people to be well, I will do my best to work with anyone who ends up in front of me asking for my care.

Healing is not political work. Not partisan, anyway, and…

Healing is political work.

My writing is not political. Not partisan, anyway, and…

My writing is political.

How I live my life is…well, I definitely get involved in politics, and…

My politics is not the totality of who I am.


So be it.