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Introduction to Compassionate Communication-

  • Oxybaric 414 Baxter Avenue, Suite 200 Louisville, KY, 40204 United States (map)

Do you long for a world of greater empathy?

Do you wish to communicate with greater clarity and compassion?

Compassionate Communication is a tool developed by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD to cultivate connection and understanding of self and others. When we foster self-awareness and empathy, we are also able to approach others with greater understanding and empathy.

Compassionate Communication works from the framework that everything we say and do is an attempt to get our needs met, yet much of the time we don’t have a conscious awareness of what those needs are. With connection always at the forefront, Compassionate Communication seeks to go beneath statements of fault and judgment to find the emotions and the underlying needs and values being expressed. When needs and values can be clearly identified and articulated, conflicts can be approached with the aim of meeting needs rather than placing blame.

In this workshop you will:
• Learn the basics of Compassionate Communication
• Increase self-awareness and understanding, particularly in conflict situations
• Increase awareness and capacity for understanding perspectives of others, particularly in conflict situations
• Leave with communication tools that can be practiced immediately in professional and personal settings

This workshop is highly participatory with an emphasis on practice.

This workshop (or its equivalent) is a pre-requisite for any of the Practicing Compassionate Communication series.