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Compassionate Communication for Parents and Tweens

  • JustFaith Ministries office 224 Woodbine Street Louisville, KY 40208 (map)

Communicating with your child(ren) can be a bit of an art. In a time when talking over, interrupting, and aiming to prove someone wrong are common communication models in the public sphere, how can we foster connection and empathy in our interactions with our children?  

This workshop is for both parents and their tween child(ren) to help them to learn an approach to communication that “fosters respect, attentiveness and empathy and engenders a mutual desire to give from the heart” (Marshall Rosenberg).

Participants are introduced to the foundations of Rosenberg’s Compassionate Communication allowing parents and children opportunities to practice these skills.   

In this workshop, parents and children will:

  • Learn the basics of compassionate communication
  • Increase awareness of their own feelings and needs
  • Increase their awareness and capacity for empathetic listening to self and others
  • Leave with communication tools they can practice in their personal relationships with each other.

Note: This workshop is meant for one parent and one child. If two parents plan to come, both parents need to register. Because of the format of the workshop, one parent may not register to come with more than one child. Two parents may come with two children. 

In order to make it accessible to more people, this workshop is offered on a sliding scale from $35 to $90 ($35, $60, $75, $90) total for parent and child. Please consider mindfully what you are able to invest. 

A $10 nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of registration. To pay $35, $60, or $75 in full at the time of registration, use coupon code $35, $60, or $75. No coupon code is required to pay $90. The balance is due on or before the workshop day. 

Read full Refund and Cancellation Policy here.